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The fun of fishing with a friend

February 28, 2009
By Bob Jensen - Fishing the Midwest Fishing Team

Fishing is different things to different things to different people. Some folks go fishing to catch a meal of fish.

Others hardly ever keep their catch: They just enjoy getting a fish to eat their bait, fighting the fish, then releasing it to do it again some time.

Some people like to watch ducks and deer and muskrats and other wildlife that live near water, and they use fishing as an excuse to do so. It's a good excuse.

Some anglers like to make fishing a competitive thing. They want to catch more fish than their boat partner, or they want to catch more fish than the other anglers in a hundred boat field of tournament competitors.

And some people go fishing to spend time with a friend in a very nice setting. There aren't many places nicer than in boat in a shallow bay or along the bank of a pond on a warm spring day catching bass or bluegills with a dad or a child or a mom or a grandparent or a friend or a, well, you get the idea. Fishing is just a good thing.

I sincerely believe that if more people went fishing, the world would be a better place. With that said, we need to get more people fishing this year.

So much of the time we hear about groups that are focused on taking kids fishing. That's great.

Taking a kid fishing is a very noble cause. But let's not forget about the adults that would like to go fishing but just don't know how to get started, or for some reason, don't get the chance to go.

Instead of focusing on a particular age group, let's think about people in general. If someone wants to go fishing and you're going fishing somewhere by yourself for the afternoon, invite them to go along.

You'll be doing them a favor, and maybe you'll be doing yourself a favor. Most folks that want to go fishing are truly nice people that you'll enjoy spending time with. Some cherished, life-long friendships have started in a boat or along the bank of a river.

Youngsters will enjoy just a couple of hours catching bluegills or bullheads from a pond. Make sure they catch something, and make sure to go home before they want to.

Most adults can be a little more patient and don't need to see the bobber going down every 30 seconds, but if it's an adult that's new to fishing, they want to catch something. You don't really appreciate fishing fully until something is pulling on the end of your line.

Make sure that you go at a time and to a place where the chances for getting bit are pretty good. And again, this doesn't need to be a test of endurance: Call it a day while you're still enjoying the experience.

The fishing tackle and marine industry like to see new anglers because it helps their bottom line. But the best reason to introduce someone to fishing is to enhance that person's life, and really, isn't that the best reason to do anything.

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