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Handling a tough situation in an adult manner

February 19, 2011
Estherville News

To the EDN:

A few things come to mind when reading the letter from the young man who was treated so poorly at the RWC. Thank you for taking the higher ground when it comes to dealing with people who are confrontational. It takes a strong person to see an obvious wrong and take the time to deal with it in an adult manner. It would seem this is not the case when it comes to the management of our RWC. From the responses given by Mr. Grems when questioned by the board it appears that there is little or no defense to the incidents in question.

As a taxpayer, I feel we are deserving of an elaboration on the "issues" and "concerns" that are in question about the ILCC students using the facility. If a "non-member" adult, student or child pays a fee to use the facility are we allotted a lesser degree of respect than full-fledged member? Are older members, long time members, members who don't waste as much time between exercise sets entitled a different degree of tolerance for access by management by their judgment alone? As a community that is losing our population I think we need to show that Estherville is better than this. It seems that in order to retain and even attract young people to our community that this a big step in the wrong direction.

The biggest mistake anyone can make in this economy is to think that they know what's "best" for a facility and take for granted the community that pays for and supports it. No person is irreplaceable when it comes too personal and public responsibility when we are asking for someone answer to the community for their actions. Thank you to the board members for pursuing answers to the questions we all have in regard to the incidents that have occurred. I hope that we will show that as a community we won't tolerate this kind of behaviour as a representation of what our community is about.

Randal Moffitt,




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