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Director works hard to keep RWC beautiful

February 23, 2011
Estherville News

To the EDN:

How do I start this editorial? Shall we start with the word "respect" since that seemed to be the word used in previous articles/editorials? Was it "respect" when the college student walked in to the Wellness Center with snowy, wet and dirty shoes expecting to work out with them on and tracking throughout the facility? Was it "respect" when Mr. Schiltz chose to air this issue at a public board meeting without the knowledge of it being brought up at the meeting by Mr. Grems? Mr. Schiltz had every opportunity to approach Mr. Grems and find out exactly what the incident was all about, but he chose to just "grill" (as the paper put it) him at a public meeting. Mr. Grems was professional enough to kindly say that there was more behind these incidents that what the editorial said and that this meeting was not the place that he wished to address this. On a "normal" day, Mr. Grems can be found at the Facility from around 6 a.m. until about 7 p.m. (No, this is not a typo-the A.M.'s and the P.M.'s are correct) Monday through Friday and on the weekends, IF he is not scheduled to work, you will normally find him there anyway at some point. This would be a normal schedule for him, sometimes it is earlier in the morning or later at night. When we have our winter weather, you can usually find him there at around 3 a.m. clearing ice and snow from the parking lots and sidewalks.

This Community has a beautiful Wellness Center that we all support, not with tax dollars, but with our dollars through memberships and donations. It is with the hard work and dedication to this facility by our Director and staff that this Center is well kept and clean so us "as members" can come and enjoy this beautiful facility. Why would we, as members, expect any less than having our Director and staff enforce "rules and regulations" that we all adhere to, as well as expecting everyone else to follow? Rules are rules, and yes someone usually has to be the bad guy and enforce them.

I think I have probably said enough. I am tired of the negative views that I have read or heard concerning this issue. I am tired of having a Director and staff, that put in "numerous" hours to keep this facility a beautiful place to come to and enjoy with our friends and families, ridiculed because they are doing their job. The rules are not the Director and staff rules, they are rules of "The facility", the staff are doing their job to enforce them. If it is NOT taken care of, and we let people break rules and trash this beautiful facility, we will not have a facility that we are proud to have, or at the very least, have it at all.

Jean Grems,




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