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A hopelessly divided nation

September 20, 2011
Estherville Daily News

To the Editor,

In the Sept. 14th Daily News syndicated columnist Rich Lowery was ridiculing President Obama's job creation proposal and in the same article, ridiculed Abraham Lincoln's internal improvement proposal while he was an Illinois legislator. He conveniently and shamelessly ignored the Pacific Railroad Act which was passed by Republican President Lincoln and the Republican Congress in 1862 right in the middle of the Civil War ,when the U.S. was, like now, having a huge financial crisis. The bill allowed the creation of the transcontinental railroad which Wikipedia calls "one of the greatest American feats of the 19th century". The railroad bill was originally proposed in 1856 but it quickly died because Congress and the country were so divided over slavery. Does this sound a little similar to United States today? We appear to be a hopelessly divided nation and it is easy to see why little or nothing is getting done to help solve our problems.


Steve Kabe



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