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Reply to Steve Kabe

October 14, 2011
Estherville Daily News

Dear Editor,

Steve Kabe has written 2 letters to the editor in the past month and if nobody replies to his lettershe is going to think we do not care.

Steve's latest letter was scolding columnist Rich Lowry for ridiculing Obama's latest job creation bill. Steve also says we are a "hopelessly divided nation?"

I will tell you what was "hopeless" .the first 2 years of the "Anointed One's" Presidency when we had Democratic majorities in both Houses of Congress and a man in the oval office who has by far been the most liberal President the nation has seen in its 235 year history.

The government was spending money like a "drunken sailor on shore leave".

We sure did not hear anything from the left side of the aisle about "hopelessly divided " when Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed hurriedly stuck us with Obamacare on a memorable Sunday afternoon. (We will read the bill later to see what is in it. )

The only thing that saved the nation from a total collapse was the 2010 mid term elections when the America people said "enough is enough".

Mr Kabe's letter of Sept 10 accuses columnist Cal Thomas of conveniently excluding certain facts about the "freedoms" that the people of Turkey and Indonesia enjoyboth Muslim countries.

To understand where Steve is coming from you need to know Steve is a retired EHS teacher who taught a couple of years over in Egypt which is a "Muslim Country". ( In my mind, Steve is a survivor.

He taught in Egypt for 2 years and came back home with his head still attached to his body. Amazing. )

He stated in his letter that most Muslim countries are not governed by "Sharia Law"but are instead governed by a "mixture of European legal traditions derived from colonial days."

When it comes to "tolerance, religious pluralism, a free and independent press, and equal rights for women in Muslim Majority countries" naive does Steve think we are?

For the past 32 years since 1979, when the "Muslim Students" took American hostages in Iran, we Americans have witnessed a steady stream of deadly images via our TV sets of the "freedoms" NOT enjoyed in the various Muslim countries around the world.

Our politicians and both Presidents since 911 have taken great pains to tell the American peopleour battle is with the Radical Islamic terrorists, not the religion of Islam. Well, the jury is still out as to who or what we are battling.

Many sober minded folks around the world strongly suspect the battle is not solely with Radical Islambut may also include the religion of Islam itself.

To be credible, followers of the religion of Islam really need to step up to the plate and show a skeptical world that it is as "peaceful and tolerant" as it claims.

How many Protestant Churches are there in Islamic Majority countries today ?

Any Lutheran churches in Mecca ? I rest my case.

And that my friends is something to think about.


Larry Loeschen



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