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Look out for fires

March 19, 2012
Estherville Daily News

Remember this time about a year ago? All those fires we had in the area?

Well, the potential for prairie fires is far worse than it was then.

All you have to do is look around and see the tinder-dry brush to realize that a fire could start far more easily than any of us realize.

So here's some tips to keep from starting a brush fire.

Whether there's a burn ban on or not, it's as dry as a steer's skeleton in the dessert out there right now. So if you've been thinking of burning ditches, trash or brush, DON'T. Before you light that match, ask yourself a couple questions:

n Do I have the water and personnel to put out a prairie fire?

n If the fire gets away from me, can I afford to pay for the fire suppression and damage to a neighbor's property?

Or if you're driving along and it seems like a good idea to toss a cigarette out the window, think again. In addition to fines for littering, you, too, could be subject to a fine if that cigarette starts a fire.

Or maybe you're four-wheeling, maybe doing a little spring hunting out there in the tall prairie grass - the tall, DRY prairie grass we might add. That muffler and tailpipe can get hot enough to start a fire too. So please watch out when you're in the field hunting.

You can't be too careful this time of year. A spark, a little wind, and that fire can get away from you faster than anything. A prairie fire can outrun a person. And that's scary.

So, please. Be careful with fire this spring.



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