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City utility volume notices admirable

March 23, 2012
Estherville Daily News

Have you ever bought a car - and had the dealer tell you that you were paying too much and that he thought he'd lower the price?

Our how about a house. Have you ever made an offer only to have the agent (who's representing the seller) tell you to make a lower offer - that the owner is more motivated to sell than you'd think?

Well, the City of Estherville municipal utilities department does something very similar.

Customers whose water usage goes beyond normal receive a notice from the city. The reason is that the homeowner may have some unknown leak or a running toilet.

The purpose of the notices is to keep consumers from using more water than they have to - and from paying more than they have to as well.

It would seem counterintuitive to good business practices to tell customers they're buying too much from you. But the city isn't merely interested in being a business. It also wants to be a good citizen and do the right thing by helping people conserve water - and money.

So the next time you pay your utility bill, think of how the City of Estherville is helping save you money - rather than spend it.

And then you can send off that check with a smile.



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