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Bikes are vehicles, not people

April 26, 2012
Estherville Daily News

Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? Bikes are vehicles and not people. But what does that really mean?

Actually, it means bikes should act like vehicles, not people. And that means they should drive on roads and not sidewalks, use hand signals when they turn, observe traffic signals just as a car does and in general observe the rules of the road - just as any other motorist.

That's far from reality, though.

Every single day, we see bikes traveling down the sidewalk - often at a pretty good clip - having close calls with pedestrians. And, yes, sidewalks are for pedestrians. They are not for bicycles.

This mistaken identity that a lot of bicyclists seem to have is particularly hazardous when crossing intersections. A car making a turn could easily run over a bicyclist in an intersection, particularly if the bicycle darts out into traffic.

So, please. If you're a bicyclist, ride on the street. Not the sidewalk. If you're a parent, instruct your children on proper use of a bicycle. That includes wearing a helmet, using hand signals when turning and having reflectors and a headlamp at night.

Otherwise, it's just an accident in the making.

Congratulations Allie!

Heartfelt congratulations have to go out to Allie Berens of Daybreak Foods whom the Estherville Rotary named Administrative Professional of the Year Thursday. Sam Utecht, who nominated Berens, was on hand to help with the honors.

Congratulations should also go to all administrative professionals who are the glue that hold businesses together. They're the wheels that make everything work.

Without them, businesses would not be nearly as efficient.

So if you haven't thanked your secretary, office manager or other administrative professional lately, please do so.

They do far more than anyone could realize.



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