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Pets have rights too

August 23, 2012
Estherville Daily News

So is there a difference between an animal rights activist and someone standing up for animal rights?

You better believe there is.

Animal rights activists (those who let mink out of their cages, etc.), understandably have a bad name here in Iowa where just about every person in the state has some connection to animal production agriculture. (If you've seen those People for the Eating of Tasty Animals hats or T-shirts at the county fair, you can pretty much gather where most Iowans stand on that issue.)

Standing up for animal rights, though, is a whole different thing. That's where the rancher carrying the calf with the slogan "Cattlemen Care" comes in.

Jennifer Johnson of the Emmet County Animal Shelter told Estherville Rotarians Thursday how they can help in a number of ways.

n Adopt your next pet from an animal shelter. As Johnson said, every pet sold through a puppy mill is one less animal who is retrieved from an animal shelter.

n Spay or neuter your animals. Bob Barker was famous for telling his television audience that at the end of his show every day.

n If you are going to adopt an animal, make sure you can care for it. Do you have animals already? Will they get along with the new animal? Are they spayed or neutered? What's your reason for getting an animal? If it's companionship, that's a good reason. So if that's your reason, make sure you can be a companion to your animal in turn. Give it room to move around during the day when you're gone and make sure it will always have food, water, shelter and shade.

If you're interested in adopting a companion animal, and are willing to be as committed to that animal as you want it to be committed to you, call 712-209-8841 or e-mail



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