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September Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month

September 4, 2012
Estherville Daily News

There could be a number of reasons that September is designated as Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month.

One might be that September is when all the school activities and athletics get under way, so that's when writers and editors are swamped again - and love is probably the last thing they feel.

Or maybe it's because with all the kids back in school, parents finally have time to sit down and write that blistering letter to the editor, complaining about what they've had pent up since last May when school was let out.

Or maybe it's the letters to the editor teachers start sending to their local newspapers about the stress THEY'VE been feeling lately.

Or maybe it's the kids themselves - sending in an occasional letter to the editor because they really did want summer vacation to go for another month - at least.

The way a lot of people see it in the publishing business, though, is that, while it's nice to be loved, editors and writers often have to set aside their feelings to make objective judgments about what the right thing is to do. Every day, or at least every week, we have to put someone's name on page three. Often (if not usually) it's someone we know personally. And believe it or not, it hurts us just as much to put someone's name in the paper as it hurts the person whose name appears there.

We struggle too with what to put in the newspaper. Often, we'll be covering meetings and someone will say, "Don't put this in the paper" or "It's best if it doesn't get in."

So why do people tell us these things? It's because they trust us. They want us to know the WHY behind something. And we're glad we've earned their trust.

You can rest assured, though, that if we believe it's definitely in the public interest that something gets covered, that we'll do our utmost to cover it.

So, while we're not necessarily looking for love, we are looking for understanding. Understanding of the precarious positions in which we're placed just about every day.

We will continue to inform you the best we can. Rest assured, though, that we'll also do our best to protect your interests as well.



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