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Time to get out the shovels and snow melt

City reminds residents of winter-related ordinances

December 18, 2012
Estherville Daily News

With the first significant snowfall of the season, Estherville city officials sent out several reminders concerning winter-related regulations.

Sidewalk ice and snow removal and on-street parking regulations

With winter weather upon us, the City of Estherville reminds all property owners of their responsibility under state and local ordinances for snow and ice removal from sidewalks. Prompt removal after each snowfall makes this chore much easier. If snow remains and becomes packed down or left during thaw/freeze cycles, removal becomes much more difficult and becomes a formidable task all winter long.

Failure to clear sidewalks promptly may pose a hazard to pedestrians and thereby place an unnecessary liability on the property-owner. Snow must be removed from the full width of all public sidewalks. Random inspections will be made by city staff 24 hours after any measurable snowfall ends. Noncompliance may also result in snow removal by city crews with all costs being assessed against the property owner. The owner may also be charged with a misdemeanor.

The law places this responsibility on the owner of the property. Owners of rental properties should have a clear understanding with their tenants as to who will remove the snow from adjacent public sidewalks.

In addition, officials remind residents that it is unlawful to park on any city street for more than an 18-hour period. Compliance with this ordinance helps in city snow removal efforts. Violators may be ticketed and have their vehicle towed away, if necessary.

Moving vehicles off city streets following any measurable snow fall greatly enhances the snow removal operation.

Cooperation in these matters enables the city to provide the citizens with the services they expect in the most efficient manner possible.

Snow removal

from private property

The City of Estherville reminds property owners and snow removal contractors that snow from private property may not be pushed on to the streets. The only exception is within the Central Business District due to limited space on private property and then only prior to the city's snow removal operation.

Property owners must provide a place to deposit their snow on private property and if there is no room they should have it hauled away just as the city must do when there is a shortage of storage space.

Residents and contractors must also be careful not to place piles of snow on sidewalks or in locations near intersections or driveways that may block visibility and create a hazard for motorists.

Your cooperation in this matter will help city crews provide Estherville with fast, efficient removal of snow from city streets.

Public awareness in clearing path to utility meters

The City of Estherville is reminding residents to scoop a path for clear access to utility meters. When clearing away the snow, residents are advised to take care and not strike any of the meter equipment.

City officials express their appreciation to residents for complying with this request.

Snowmobile laws

within city limits

Estherville City Code prohibits the general riding of snowmobiles within the city limits. There are few exceptions to the law and only under certain conditions.

Snowmobiles may:

n Use city streets when they have not been plowed and are impassable to other traffic.

n Use permitted streets whether plowed or not for the sole purpose of exiting or entering the city under the same laws as other vehicles.

Snowmobiles may not:

o Be operated on Central Avenue, 9th Street, 6th Street south of 8th Avenue North, or South 1st Street. They also are banned from the Central Business District (from 2nd Avenue South to 2nd Avenue North and from 4th Street to 8th Street).

o Be driven on public sidewalks or on the parking (the area of street right-of-way outside the curb line).

o Be driven on or across private property without the property owner's permission.

o Be driven on or across public property (city parks, school property, county grounds, etc.) without permission of the governing body.

Public awareness in avoiding damage to

electric pedestals

The City of Estherville is requesting persons moving snow to be aware of the mounted electrical equipment on the ground to avoid equipment damage and/or personal injury

For more information, call 362-4324 or 362-3574.



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