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Top 20 reasons to love Estherville

April 22, 2013
From the Estherville Chamber of Commerce , Estherville Daily News

Excel! Estherville ran a contest through KILR in February, asking locals to tell us why they love Estherville. Caroline Rembold was the winner of $100 in Estherville Bucks for her contest entry.

"We got a number of fantastic submissions," said Stephanie Neppl, executive director of the Estherville Chamber of Commerce and Excel! Brand Committee chairperson. "The responses from the students were especially interesting to read - some were amusing, others poignant and we wanted to share a collection of them with the community."

1) You don't have to go far to go fishing. - Cody Homan

2) You can't get lost. - unknown

3) I've lived in Estherville my whole life. I wish they would get a Taco Bell or Culvers. - Chaz Berge

4) I enjoy walking out of my home and breathing the fresh air of Estherville! - Jayda Hinrichsen

5) When I wave to a policeman they wave back to me. That's why I like Estherville people. - Jagar Hobmeier

6)If you are very hungry try eating in Estherville. The food is awesomely delicious that you will fall off your rocker and float to any delicious food source in Estherville. - Jagar Hobmeier

7) Most small towns are boring because they are broken and the town doesn't fix it. But our town does. - Brady Hanson

8) I feel safe in Estherville. We have good cops that don't always stop at donut shops. - Brady Hanson

9) I love space stuff so the Estherville Meteorite is really fun to know about. - Michael Houge

10) I love the RWC and the outdoor pool (except for the wasps). But lots of people hate wasps. But we have to look past that, that and other than those pesky painful bugs that is the best place to be in our extremely hot summer. - Michael Houge

11) The museum fascinates me. If I could go there every day I would. - Dakota Thomas

12) I think it's cool that they kept up the Carnegie part of the library. - Justin Christensen

13) I like Estherville because it's very calm. On the news I've been hearing that there are bad things going on . . . but I know I'm safe in my community. - Selena Monjaraz

14) There's a lot of things but I just can't explain, but there is one I can. Estherville just has a really big heart and that's why I love Estherville! - Austin Henning

15) I feel like I belong here because everyone who lives here is a team. - Maggie White

16) The lights switch fast in Estherville. - Claire Brant

17) RWC is a good place because we want everybody in the town of Estherville to be healthy and active. - Jadynn Moore

18) They also built a swinging bridge, so you can walk over the river. It is kind of scary because you are secretly thinking, "What if I drop my flip-flop?" - Cora Brant

19) The library is really awesome! They are VERY understanding if you have an overdue book. - Cora Brant

20) Estherville is such a great place to live. There's nice people, lots of stuff to do, it's safe. I like how most people here love their town as much as I do. - Breawna Hoffman



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