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Think before you vote

October 31, 2014
Estherville News

As a past Emmet County Supervisor, I can tell you that some decisions are hard to make. We all want and need someone in that office who is willing to make those decisions Our current board has made some of those hard decisions in the last couple of years. We need to remember that the decisions are not made by individuals, but by the "board." No individual makes decisions on their own.

The board got a lot of publicity over a personnel decision. We all need to remember that our board followed procedures including the Privacy Act. We were only given one side of the situation because the board, like any employer, cannot give reasons for termination. Do you really think that decision was made without good cause?

Individuals were given a lot of bad publicity during that time for incidents that happened a long time ago. Some, such as the Ringsted storm clean up happened clear back when I was on the board. That decision was approved by the full board.

Before you cast your vote, ask yourself-is this individual strong enough to represent my interests.

Jim Jenson,

Past Supervisor



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