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Thumbs up, thumbs down

December 26, 2014
Estherville News

Thumbs up to Sharon Houge, developer and coordinator of the

Emmet County Public Health Healthy Beginnings program, and home visiting nurse, on receiving the Iowa Family Support Credential for the Healthy Beginnings program from the Iowa Department of Public Health State Home Visitation Program Friday, Dec. 19. It was a rigorous, three-year process to document and meet the 139 credential standards. It's quite a seal of approval, and everyone in Emmet County should be proud of Houge and the rest of the Emmet County Public Health employees.

Thumbs up to Estherville Lincoln Central preschoolers and their teachers for a wonderful Christmas program Monday at Roosevelt Auditorium. It was a darling performance and one of which many parents and grandparents should be extremely proud.

Thumbs up to everyone who invited someone from outside the family to Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner this week. It's a longstanding tradition of many families to do this, and it's an important tradition to keep up.

Thumbs up to all our elected officials, paid and unpaid, for the service they've given us over the past year. It isn't easy trying to do your job when you have so many bosses - and every voter is a potential boss. We hope the voters understand that often the right decision is not the popular decision, and that in order to make that right decision our public officials sometimes have to go against the grain of public opinion. And that is truly heroic.

Thumbs up to the designated drivers who are volunteering to drive people around this holiday and New Year's season. Speaking of heroes, that's exactly who you folks are.

Thumbs up to everyone who makes the decision to not drink and drive this holiday season. We all know there are laws in place against drinking and driving and we also all know that the penalties are stiff. But it still takes a smart personal decision to not drink to excess and climb behind the wheel.

And by the way, thumbs up as well to someone who takes a friend's keys when that friend has had too much to drink.

Thumbs up to Estherville's 2014 Business Christmas Tree Decorating Contest winners-first place going to Employees Credit Union with Ace Hardware placing second.



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