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Hats off to street crews

February 27, 2015
Estherville News

After all area schools canceled classes or had late starts Wednesday, by Thursday morning all the streets and roads in Estherville and Emmet County were open.

If you think back a few decades (to the 60s or 70s), that simply would not have happened. People would still be socked in out in the country and only a few main arteries would be open in town. That's certainly not the case today.

Because we have people out working early in the morning, our roads are open and we're able to go to work and school.

So the next time you see one of your friends or neighbors who works for a city or county road crew, give your thanks. Because our dedicated knights of the road truly deserve it.

How we can help

And we could make their job a lot easier. How? Well, here are a couple tips.

Don't leave your car parked out on a public street when a snow event is expected. You could be subject to a fine and having your vehicle towed away, and deservedly so. Cars parked along roadways keep our street crews from doing their jobs, so please find a driveway or public parking lot to park your vehicle.

If you should have to park your vehicle on a public street for good reason (i.e. vehicle breakdown), call the county law center and tell them. It's for your own protection and they'll thank you for it.

Also, avoid blowing or shoveling snow into public roadways. There should be plenty of room in the yard, so put it there. Snow in roadways poses a public safety hazard and defeats the purpose of that plow that just went by. So be a good citizen and please try to make everyone's job easier.



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