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MSTS 360 Winged Sprints return to Jackson Speedway

June 14, 2015
By Dan Voigt, Media Relations - Jackson Speedway , Estherville News

JACKSON, Minn. A field of 33 360-winged sprint cars turned out Saturday, June 13, for the second visit of the Midwest Sprint Touring Series to the historic Jackson Speedway. All told, 99 racecars were in the pits to compete in the evening's racing action.

Claiming the Feature wins in the Minnesota West/Yellow Book Sport Compact Class was Megan Sandvig of Estherville in a history-making feature that saw the top three places earned by female drivers in the class, while Marc Janssen of Worthington, Minn., took the checkers in the Loosbrock Digging Service IMCA Hobby Stock feature.

Winning the Bohl's Small Engine and Marine Sport Modifieds was Danny Myrvold of Heron Lake, MN, while Dustin Larson of Worthington, Minn., claimed the checkers in the Hometown Motors IMCA Stock Car Feature.

For the MSTS/Last Deck 360 Winged Sprint B-Feature, Troy Schreurs of Sioux Falls, S.D., took the win and in the MSTS/Last Deck A feature, Casey Fredrickson of Arthur, would take the checkers and in the A Feature, the Wilmont Oil/Redline Racing IMCA A Modified feature event, Jesse Rogotzke of Sanborn, Minn., earned the victory.

In heat race action, the Sport Compact winners were Colby Lyons and Megan Sandvig, while Hobby Stock heat wins went to Marc Janssen and Merle Bass. Winning the Sport Modified heats were Jason Andrews, Ben Chukuske and Danny Myrvold, with Stock Car heats going to Dustin Larson and Roger Verdoorn. Winning the Sprint Car heats were Casey Fredrickson, Derek Anderson, Eric Lutz and Tommy Barber, while the A Modified heat race checkers went to Jesse Rogotzke.

The Jackson Speedway will host a regular night of racing action this coming Saturday night, June 20. Hot laps are at 6:30 p.m. with racing to follow.

Minnesota West/Yellow Book IMCA Sport Compacts Feature 8 Laps 11 cars

33 Megan Sandvig, Estherville, IA; 74T Nikki Taylor, Welcome, MN; 77Z Blaney Markman, Jackson, MN; 18L Colby Lyons, Granada, MN; 22X Joe Bunkofske, Armstrong, IA; 3G Tori Groebner, Redwood Falls, MN; 11A Bubba Brown, Jackson, MN; 29X- Ryan Westman, St. James, MN(DNF); R13 Robert Pottrat, Lynd, MN(DNF); 27 Nathan Sukalski, Fairmont, MN(DNF); 5-Mike Brabec, Fonda, IA(DNF).

Sport Compacts Heat 1- 4 Laps

18L Lyons; 22X Bunkofske; 27 Sukalski; 74T Taylor; 29X Westman(DNF)

Sport Compacts Heat 2 4 laps

33 Sandvig; 11A Brown; 77Z Markman; R13 Pottratz; 3G Groebner; 5 Brabec.

Loosbrock Digging Service IMCA Hobby Stocks Feature 12 Laps 14 cars

27J Marc Janssen, Worthington, MN; 23X Merle Bass, Varina, IA; 20N Justin Nehring, Storm Lake, IA; 27 Malik Sampson, Worthington, MN; 17L Chad Lonneman, Adrian, MN; 17X Justin Luinenburg, Reading, MN; 7W Jeremy Wagner, Graettinger, IA; 48J Bryant Johnson, Graettinger, IA; 68M Ryan Michelson, Estherville, IA; 26 Tyler Pospisil, Worthington, MN; 18 Cale Glover, Marathon, IA; 55 Allen Fetcheshier, Janesville, MN; 33 Megan Sandvig, Estherville, IA; 74T Chad Taylor, Fairmont, MN(DNF)

Hobby Stocks Heat 1 6 laps

27J Janssen; 27 Sampson; 20N Nehring; 7W Wagner; 48J Johnson; 55 Fetcheshier; 33 Sandvig.

Hobby Stocks Heat 2 6 Laps

23X Bass; 17L Lonneman; 17X Luinenburg; 68M Michelson; 74T Taylor; 18 Glover; 26 Pospisil.

Bohl's Small Engine & Marine IMCA Sport Mods Feature 12 Laps, 21 Cars

R6 Danny Myrvold, Heron Lake, MN; 8L Lyle Sathoff, Armstrong, IA; 03Z Jason Andrews, Estherville, IA; 75 Eric Kinnetz, Milford, IA; 25 Dan Paplow, Dundee, MN; 5 Jared Nytoe, Brandon, SD; 20 Justin Schuder, Fairmont, MN; 3W Randy Winter, Winnebago, MN; 18 Kyle Steuber, Fairmont, MN; 5Z Kris Zuhlodorf, Danube, MN; 35 Bruce Egeland, Marshall, MN; 14B Tom Brown, Heron Lake, MN; 33R Ryan Roder, Marathon, IA; 91A Matt Anderson, Webb, IA; 57 Scott Espey, Alpha, MN; 17D David Hegwood, Fairmont, MN; 95 Chance Larson, Ceylon, MN(DNF); 87 John Briggs, Cherokee, IA(DNF); 38R Ralph Risius, Ogden, IA(DNF); 88H Shane Hammen, Newell, IA(DNF); 7C Ben Chukuske, Sherburn, MN(DNF).

Sport Mod Heat 1 - 8 laps

03Z Anderson; 5 Nytroe; 20 Schuder; 3W Winter; 14B Brown; 38R Risius; 17D Hegwood(DNS)

Sport Mod Heat 2 - 8 laps

7C Chukuske; 75 Kinnetz; 8L Sathoff; 33R Roder; 91A Anderson; 57 Espey; 95 Larson

Sport Mod Heat 3 - 8 laps

R6 Myrvold; 25 Paplow; 18 Steuber; 88H Hammen; 35 Egeland; 5Z Zuhlodorf; 87 - Briggs

Hometown Motors IMCA Stock Cars Feature 20 laps 12 cars

5L Dustin Larson, Worthington, MN; 6L Jim Larson, Rushmore, MN; 04 Roger Verdoorn, Sibley, IA; 5 Luke Sathoff, Jackson, MN; 10 Levi Feltman, Jackson, MN; 38 Derek Voehl, Lakefield, MN; 69M Gary Mattison, Sanborn, MN ; X Chris Palsrock, Sibley, IA; 620 Gregory Gutt, Erie, CO(DNF); 100K Devin Kuehne, Reading, MN(DNF); 1H Marcus Hansen, Minneapolis, MN(DNF); 79 Derrick Barglof, Sioux Rapids, IA(DBNF).

Stock Cars Heat 1 8 laps

5L D. Larson; 6L J. Larson; 100K Kuehne; 1H Hansen; X Palsrok; 69M - Mattison

Stock Cars Heat 2 - 8 laps

04 Verdoorn; 5 Sathoff; 79 Barglofff; 10 Feltman; 38 Voehl; 620 - Gutt.

Midwest Sprint Touring Series/Last Deck 360 Sprints Feature 20 laps 33 cars

20F Casey Fredrickson, Arthur, IA; 35 Skylar Prochaska, Lakefield, MN; 6 Eric Lutz, Sioux Falls, SD; ; 21 Devin Friedrichsen, Arthur, IA; 25 Dylan Peterson, Sioux Falls, SD; 11X Gregg Bakker, Sioux Falls, SD; 12 Brock Dump, Sioux Falls, SD; 2H Bill Boles, Harris, IA; 14 Jody Rosenboom, Rock Rapids, IA; 2D Dusty Ballenger, Harrisburg, SD; 2 Derrik Lusk, Jackson, MN; 10X Jenni Erikson, Burnsville, MN; 4 Cody Hansen, Nunda, SD; 23 Brandon Bosma, Round Lake, IA; 17B Ryan Bickett, Ramona, SD; 1 Dean Brown, Springfield, MN; 32 Brandon Halverson, Jackson, MN; 42 - Kevin Flowers, Hartford, SD; 07 Derek Anderson, Estherville, IA; 10J Justin Jacobsma, Hull, IA(DNF); 12T Troy Schreurs, Sioux Falls, SD(DNF); 75 Tommy Barbers, Brandon, SD(DNF); 33 James Broty, Webster, MN(DNF); 10 John Lambertz, Sioux Falls, SD(DNF): 5T Mark Toews, Spirit Lake, IA(DNS)

360 Sprint B Feature 12 laps (Top 4 to "A" Feature)

12T Troy Schreurs, Sioux Falls, SD; 2 Derrik Lusk;, Jackson, MN 2D Dusty Ballenger, Harrisburg, SD; 10J Justin Jacobsma, Hull, IA; 1 Dean Brown, Springfield, MN; 1X Justin Glaser, Sioux Falls, SD; 27 Dalton Johnson, Sioux Falls, SD; 75C Casey Heser, Jackson, MN; 33X Trevor Smith, Sheldon, IA; 11J Jordan Nordstrom, Sioux Falls, SD(DNF); 7 Kaley Gharst, Decatur, IL(DNF); 101 Chuck McGillivray, Madison, SD(DNF); 71 Jeremy VanderPlaats, Sibley, IA(DNS)

360 Sprints Heat 1 8 laps

20F Fredrickson; 21 Friedrichsen; 42 Flowers; 2H Boles; 11X - Bakker; 2 Lusk; 7 Gharst; 2D Ballenger; 27 Johnson.

360 Sprints Heat 2 8 laps

07 Anderson; 12 Dump; 10X Erikson; 14 Rosenboom; 23 Bosma; 12T Schreurs; 101 MCGillivray(DNF); 71 VanderPlaats(DNS)

360 Sprints Heat 3 8 laps

6 Lutz; 35 Prochaska; 4 Hansen; 25 Peterson; 17 Bickett; 11J Nordstrom; 75C Heser(DNF); 33X Smith(DQ)

360 Sprints Heat 4 8 laps

75 Barber; 10 Lambertz; 33 Broty; 5T Toews; 32 Halverson; 10J Jacobsma; 1X Glaser; 1 - Brown

Wilmont Oil/Redline Racing IMCA A Modifieds Feature 20 laps 8 Cars

; XXX Jesse Rogotzke, Sanborn, MN; 87 Curt Lund, Redwood, MN; 9 Roger Nielsen, Dolliver, IA; 5 Brandon Beckendorf, Danube, MN; X Josh Rogolzke, Sanborn, MN; 72 TylerLimoges, Redwood Falls, MN; 7MX Michael Vogelman Okabena, MN; 10 Nick Ober, Round Lake, MN.

IMCA A Modifieds Heat 1 8 laps

XXX Jesse Rogotzke; X Josh Rogotzke; 9 Nielsen; 72 Limoges; 87 Lund; 5 Beckendorf; 7MX Vogelman; 10 Ober



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