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The day and life of a reporter

June 17, 2015
By Amber Hovey - Staff Writer , Estherville News

Many members of the public may see reporters as annoying or out to find the bad and dirty details in every story. Now that may be true about reporters in large circulation newspapers who need to stay compelling and competitive over the competition. However, at a small town newspaper such as Estherville News, we reporters see things differently.

We are not here to annoy but rather to keep the community informed and to help create a connection among strangers who live in the same community. We have such a strong and diverse community with many residents who have done amazing things in their lives yet no one knows or makes time to listen. That is where I, the reporter, come in.

I am still fairly new to the area, but I see it as a privilege to have the chance to meet, talk and listen to many of you, the community members. While we do make mistakes, like anyone else, myself as well as I am sure others decide to be reporters not for the money or our names in the paper but rather because of our passion to write, to inform and to provide that connection among the community.

Over my years as a reporter, I have learned about so many topics, from exotic chickens to battling cancer to tractors from the 1930s. My love for learning and sharing what I have learned has helped in my passion for writing.

Being a reporter, however, does come with sacrifice. As many of you know, news can happen at anytime and it is the reporter's responsibility to cover it. We are the eyes and ears for the public whether it is a festival, a sports game, or a board meeting. That means days may be long, family events may be missed and weekends may become part of the workweek.

With being a reporter also comes the impossible task of pleasing everyone. It seems there is also something that could have been added or left out and as a reporter, I do not intentionally mean to offend. Like many of you, I am only one person, who makes mistakes and works to get better and bring you the best I can.

I write for you and Estherville News because my experiences, knowledge and friends have no limit or end. You make it enjoyable for me to do what I love and be part of this wonderful community we have. Every day I meet someone new with a story to tell and then get to tell you about that amazing person.

Being a reporter, while stressful at times when the newspaper needs to be filled and deadlines need to be met, it's the rush of flying by your coattails, writing and sharing someone's else story one day and another person's the next. It's the pride you feel when you see your story on the front-page news and know that you are part of that community connection.

Like any job, being a reporter has its easy days and its hard days, but I am thankful to have the opportunity be part of a newspaper that cares for its community and strives to be the best newspaper for you.



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