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Estherville News Editorial

A Town with Class(es)

July 29, 2015
Estherville News Staff , Estherville News

Estherville News Editorial

A town with class(es)

The sign on the gas station says, "Welcome back all classes!" Sweet Corn Days provides a chance for class reunions of all generations, for families and friends to get together, and for memorable, sunny (we hope the forecast looks good) fun. For the 18th Annual Sweet Corn Days, we compiled the 18 stupendous things about coming from a small town.

18. It takes 15 minutes to drive 15 miles. Because only 5 of those miles are actually in town. The rest are country roads with zero traffic and no cops to stop you from speeding. (Cosmopolitan Magazine)

17. Small town celebrations are just awesome. There hardly any lines. The rides are barely held together. And you can go and eat things like Taco in a Bag and partake in good old-fashioned activities like Dunk the Principal. It's just fun. Don't over think it. (

16. You have to create your own fun. This week is an exception with all the Sweet Corn Days festivities, but on a normal weekend, the river, the parks, the RWC, project materials at the hardware and home stores, and your imagination sit waiting for you to engage. Without the stimulation overload of shopping malls, clubs, and skyscrapers, our minds become more active as they dream up new mischief to get into. (

15. A sense of community. You may not have the whole town round for dinner once a week, but when there is a crisis, you will be amazed at how the community rallies together to get their fellow townsfolk the help they need. A sense of community is one of the main cited reasons to live in a small town. (

14. Your contribution is valued. It's easy to get involved. Fewer people in a town means fewer volunteers, which also means more opportunities to lend a hand and volunteer. You won't likely be turned away if you offer to help. (

13. Art appreciation. Small towns are known for artisans and musicians, and local talent doesn't go unnoticed. (

12. Better environment. Having a healthy environment to live in is a real bonus. If you have less toxins to breath in, fresher food to eat and feel less stressed, you're likely to be in decent shape .(

11. The underdog phenomenon. Less competition means fewer big ideas competing for an audience and participation, and the underdog phenomenon means people -- inside and outside a community -- generally love it when "the little guy" does big things. These two concepts allow small towns to create the perfect environment for big ideas to grow, get noticed and improve residents' quality of life almost immediately. In some cases, all these towns are waiting for are people with vision and focus to get things done.

10. Necessity is the mother of invention if they don't have it here, you're forced to be creative. If you can't find what you really want in Emmet County, you might be forced to make it. The Emmet County Fair presented a chance to see what kids in 4-H will create for themselves. We can all do it, from locally sourced materials. (

9. Local sports. We have the classes that get out of school early to drive 90 miles one-way to be at the afternoon opening round of the regional tournament. These are kids that yell, scream and cheer with undying spirit. These are the games where the fans are also family; people who have seen these athletes grow up and feel genuine joy for their wins and agony for their defeats. (

8. Better social life. You're likely to have more contact with your neighbors and friends when you live in a small town. (

7. Popular. You're gonna be pop-u-lar. You don't have to be part of the in crowd to be known and well-regarded. Whether you forget your wallet at the local shop or you have a flat tire or dead car battery, or you need a replacement wedding or birthday cake, pronto, your neighbors will tend to rally around and help you out. (

6. Elbow room. Space breeds creativity, creativity spurs innovation, and innovation builds prosperity. This is where technology has been a game changer. Pre-internet, opportunities tended to be limited to the back yard, but not anymore. Now, as a result of e-commerce, remote health, and distance learning, entirely new opportunities are sprouting up everywhere, even in rural and small towns. (

5. Better-behaved kids. Naturally there are exceptions to this, but according to, small towns provide a better environment to nurture good manners in our youngsters. More of the older teenagers hold jobs and take on responsibility, and the younger children are taught to respect their elders.

4. Community pride. Also from, small towns have a greater turnout for community events, proportionally. They give more freely to causes that benefit the town. People understand their part in the process of society.

3. Sense of togetherness. Through tragedy and good times, the whole community comes together. Estherville has shown itself to step up in its best and worst times.

2. Safety. Estherville certainly has its issues, but unlike other places we look out for each other more.

1. The people. Enough said.



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