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And the war wages on

August 12, 2015
By Amber Hovey - Staff Writer , Estherville News

By Amber Hovey

Staff Writer

Previously, I have written about my dog, Dallas, a white Siberian husky with piercing blue eyes and a bold and daring personality.

It is funny how much a pet can become more of a small human rather than just a dog or a cat. It seems our loveable pets at times pick up traits similar to that of their owners and at other times they act out as if a toddler, tearing apart the one thing you need the next day.

Often times, I refer to my boyfriend as my dog's stepfather because while he has not been around for Dallas' his entire life, he does play with him and care for him as if he is his own.

However, it seems that is how Dallas views him as well.

Recently, Dallas has found ways to get under my boyfriend's skin, probably because he hasn't gotten enough attention over the last two weeks due to a chaotic schedule.

Dallas is a very well mannered dog and has been through beginning obedience class, but he is still his own dog, in that he is not afraid to let you know when he's not getting enough attention.

It first began with my boyfriend telling Dallas 'no' over something, in which Dallas responded by looking at him, grabbing a mouth full of hydrangeas planted near the house and taking off into the yard.

The next was the sweet corn. We had planted a garden for the first time this year. In this garden we had about four short rows of sweet corn, which my boyfriend had taken pride in planting and taking care of. However, Dallas decided to begin ripping down the stalks and use them to lie on as well as chew. I will have you know that Dallas is not deprived by any means and has a number of toys just for him to chew on, however, like a toddler he is more fascinated in the box rather than the toy, so to speak.

Dallas most recent act of rebellion involved my boyfriend's specialty soap and cleaners for his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The side door on the garage had been accidently left open, which provided Dallas with a great opportunity for something new to do. Of all the things in the garage, he chose the three bottles of Harley cleaner, in which he dragged outside and chewed little holes in the bottles, allowing them to leak.

Since then, we have found the bottles one at a time, scattered throughout the yard.

While my boyfriend will say Dallas only listens to me and that I spoil him and never discipline him, he does love that dog almost as much as I do. That or he just puts up with him because he's my dog through and through.



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