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Moving in to Estherville

August 16, 2015
Amy H. Peterson - Staff Writer ( , Estherville News

Last Saturday, we moved our things from a Spencer storage unit to the house here in Estherville. I reserved a U-Haul at one place on Tuesday, and was at work when the message came in that U-Haul wanted to talk to me about availability. I had the choice of driving to Algona or to Carroll to get a truck. That's really funny because I arranged for one in Spencer, I said.

"Well at this time we have nothing in Spencer."

"But I reserved it Tuesday. What happened to my reservation? I have the confirmation number and everything."

"We just ran out of trucks in Spencer. Do you want me to hold one in Carroll for you?"

"Not really. I wanted the one in Spencer. I work two jobs. I need it Friday night, I'll park it at the storage unit, and we'll hit it hard Saturday morning and not even have probably more than three loads if that. But now I need to improvise."

It reminded me of a scene from the '90s show "Seinfeld." Jerry reserved a rental car, and after a long flight gets to the counter and they say there are no cars left.

"I know how to make a reservation, sir," the testy rental desk agent says.

"I don't think you do!" Jerry exclaims. "The problem is, you know how to take the reservation. You just don't know how to hold the reservation. And holding is, really, the most important part."

That's exactly how I felt. Luckily my friend did a little checking and U-Haul hadn't told us there was one available in Spirit Lake at Vick's Corner. But it had to be back before 5 p.m.

Load in Spencer/unload in Estherville. One more time and then again. Will we make it? We don't know. Hit it.

My boys I'm so proud of them for how hard they worked. Our friends who helped were indispensible. The weekend included one flat tire and one empty gas tank on N14. We got it done, but not without exhaustion and issues, then we let off some steam and refueled at Woody's with two giant pizzas for our crew. I found the local pizza quite tasty, not too shabby at all, and that's a very important element of a good life in a new town.

We're in our house. Twelve-year-old son is enrolled in school. Twenty-two year old son will explore a bit and possibly start a business if I can get him a 3-D printer. Nineteen-year-old daughter is out fulfilling her wanderlust after a tough summer being treated at University of Iowa hospital, but she'll come around. Even the dog seems content, and she's 12 years old and usually not a fan of displacement or change.

We lived in temporary digs starting in April. I commuted to this and my Spirit Lake job over an hour each way. It took a toll on us all.

I'm happy to wake up in Estherville, zip over to Spirit Lake to run a charity early in the day, then zip back here to the Estherville News. Telling the stories of this community has helped me to get a little familiar.

Any home I have will be just that my home. My parents have been gone for years; my other relatives are far-flung. I don't know if I was built for permanency anywhere, but I'll certainly dig in for whatever time we have.

The more I get to know the people in this great community, the more it will become home.



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