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Truck drivers bring it on home

September 20, 2015
Estherville News Staff , Estherville News

We stop at the grocery store and the aisles are filled with just the fruits, vegetables, meats, breads, juices and sodas we want. We go to the auto parts store, and the motor oil types for our cars are in stock. At the restaurant, they're not out of our favorite dish. We go for this year's winter coat, and the store has every color in our size. Our livestock gets to market, the gas stations have fuel in the underground tanks, and whatever we order online or from a catalog is in stock in the warehouse and magically arrives in our mailbox two days later.

This is all made possible by truck drivers. They spend their days or weeks on the road to deliver the stuff we're accustomed to having, or to ship what we make so our business can make a profit. They miss family events and dinner at home. They wait when they arrive and the loads aren't ready, and take the flak when they arrive late to the destination. They face the unknown of other drivers on the highway every day, and drive to the point of fatigue (but if they're following the safety rules, not beyond.)

We look around the Estherville News office, and observe that from the tiles on the floor to the filing cabinets, computers and ink cartridges, we wouldn't be able to produce a newspaper had truck drivers not delivered materials.

We just finished National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and our staff wanted to take a moment with the readers to appreciate all truck drivers do for us.

There are 3.4 million men and women who are professional truck drivers, according to the American Trucking Associations. They deliver our goods safely, and keep the roads safe.

Truck drivers have collaborated on their radios and partnered with law enforcement to fight human trafficking through an organization called Truckers Against Trafficking. As the eyes and ears of the highways, truck drivers have called in suspicious situations, which resulted in returning abducted and exploited children and adults to their families. In their spare time, many help young people earn their CDL certifications. Others teach highway safety, especially around trucks, to new drivers.

Truck drivers have saved motorists from burning cars, and are cast as superheroes by the makers of Legos, who released a trucker superhero minifigure.

In the flesh, truck drivers deliver the goods that make many things happen in our economy that would never be accomplished without them.

We thank all the truck drivers who get it done.



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