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Let's hear it for the band!

Estherville News Editorial

October 14, 2015
Estherville News Staff , Estherville News

We are proud of the Estherville Lincoln Central band for its superior rating at the state marching band competition. Our newsroom is populated with former band kids, and we know something of the dedication required of an excellent band.

We remember the early morning rehearsals and going over a song and a routine over and over until it's just right. We remember having to watch and collaborate with the other members of the band to maintain spacing and rhythm, while still playing our instruments.

We remember juggling homework, other activities, practices and rehearsals, and trying to get a few minutes with our non-band friends, love interests, and family members while it seemed we were always changing in and out of different uniforms and changes of clothing. We remember the stress of noticing one thing that went wrong and hoping the judges didn't notice. We remember that despite the hard work and dedication invested, our classmates and even other teachers didn't give nearly the respect to student musicians as they did to student athletes.

We remember band trips where we laughed so hard with our friends our sides hurt. We remember the joy of being part of something bigger than ourselves. We remember the sweet spot of a good rehearsal when everyone was finally getting it and we looked and sounded really, really good. We remember the performances that went great and elicited spontaneous, enthusiastic applause from the audiences, and not just the polite cheers from our parents. We remember the moments that required our absolute focus, like the drums starting up the first two measures before we played the school song, or the moment the drum major raised his or her arms then brought them down to pull us together into the first beat of the program.

We're not here to say band is more or less difficult than athletics or anything else a student could choose to do. We wanted to say we do know something of the dedication it takes to improve on an instrument, to learn a song well enough to play it while remembering where you're supposed to be marching on a football field that's sometimes wet and slippery, sometimes dry and crumbly. We wanted to say for all the hot, cold, rainy, windy practices, that we remember band as something special that stayed with us. We hope it stays with this band as they celebrate a fourth superior rating at state, and that they will always have music as part of their lives.



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