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The beauty of winter

November 29, 2015
Estherville News

The winter season has begun! What is more beautiful than the dancing of snowflakes and the twinkling of lights illuminating the night?

With living in the Midwest comes the changing of seasons, each with its beauty and wonder. While cold and sometimes not so wonderful driving conditions, the winter season has much to offer.

Without winter, there would be no snowball fights and forts. Without winter, you not enjoy the snuggling of a warm blanket and a good book. Without winter, the fireplace would have no purpose and the hot cocoa would not taste so good.

Without winter, the Christmas lights would not shine so beautifully as they do against the backdrop of snow. Without winter, there would be no random snow days that halt your busy life and let you rest.

Winter is upon us, but with winter comes holiday cheer and time for renewal. It is a time to rejoice in the gifts we have been given in life and to show love and appreciation for those around us.

In the spirit of the holiday season, folks lend a hand to help, a can of food to feed and a coat to warm. The season of giving is a beautiful thing and while it should be year around, the giving to others shines its brightest during the winter months.

It is during this time, children begin their letters to Santa Claus but also learn about being thankful for what they have and helping those who have less.

So while you can complain of the winter season, why not instead rejoice in its beauty and what the season has to offer. Sing like you've never sung before, give like you've never given before and cherish those around you like you never cherished them before.



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