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Time for fun in the snow

Estherville News Editorial

February 3, 2016
Estherville News Staff , Estherville News

While winter is still here a couple months it is hard not to get spring fever. The yearning for t-shirts and shorts, the itch to go boating, or the hunger for a grilled steak. Yet here we are scooping snow off our cars and shoveling our driveways.

However, with winter's end right around the corner, take time to enjoy what winter has to offer. Some of you have already taken the snowmobiles out, but if you have never been then perhaps try. Same goes for skiing or snowboarding.

Winter also provides a great backdrop for photos whether it is family photos or just photos of you and your significant other.

And if winter is not for you then stay inside and plan for spring and summer. Plan that vacation you been talking about or gather the materials you will need to finish that piece of furniture you been wanting to redo. Drink tea and watch movies set on the beaches of Florida.

Snow days that shut down the city and events provide time to binge watch your favorite shows, introduce the kids to the great movies from when you were young, get out the board games, put on some music and have fun, or if you're on your own at home, to catch up on work, write letters, or read a good book. Society here in the northland used to hibernate more in the winter. and we could get back to that somewhat, except for the fact that the press of work causes us to dig ourselves out and get on with what needs to be done.

Either way take advantage of winter opportunities rather than waiting for it to pass. Winter can be a wonderful time of the year if you let it.

Thanks to all those

who clear the way

This last blizzard had blowing snow, which caused such dicey conditions, they pulled the plows off the road and instituted a tow ban, meaning if you got stuck or went into the ditch, it would be some time before anyone got to you, because they weren't sending emergency personnel out. Once there was any clearing, though, the plow drivers were out, the roads began to clear, and today we're set to get back to the routine.

We are grateful to those who leave their own families at home drinking cocoa, who go out in conditions that keep us home to make the roads safe and clear. Our hats off to them.



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