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Big blizzard? No worries

February 3, 2016
Amber Hovey - Staff Writer ( , Estherville News

A blizzard raged on Tuesday; the world seems quiet of all human life except my dog and I. If you haven't read my other columns about my dog, Dallas, he is a white, long-haired Siberian Husky. Like most huskies, Dallas is a fan of snow and winter. Where most dogs are happy to stay inside, Dallas is more than happy to curl in a ball in the snow, in the middle of the yard and sleep.

I have always loved the beauty of snow and the crisp smell of the winter air, however, on days like Tuesday, I wondered why I thought a husky would be a good dog to have.

So Tuesday afternoon, I pulled on my coveralls, boots, coat, stocking hat and gloves and trudged through the snow drifts and whipping snow to the garage to let Dallas out. As soon I opened that door, he was like a bolt of lighting as he dashed out into the snow. Sprinting to and fro like it was the first time seeing snow. He would stop every couple minutes to stick his nose into the snow to smell the ground or to eat mouthfuls of snow.

I would then run at him and throw up snow at him. He would take off like a speeding bullet as he bounded through the snow, making figure eights as he went. He would then come racing back towards me and I would take off after him again.

Once I was exhausted, I plopped down on my back in the snow. Dallas came and laid down right next to my head and I worked to catch my breath. It was at that time that I took time to take in the peacefulness of the blizzard. The cold was not bitter and the snow cuddled me as if a fluffy pillow.

The world seemed to be spinning around me and yet there I was in the middle of it, just taking it in. No worries fazed me and no negative thoughts entered my mind. It was just my dog, the blizzard and me. It was an overwhelmingly calming experience and while I was not overly excited to go into the blizzard at first, I am thankful I had my winter loving dog to drag me out.



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