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As the calendar marches forth

Estherville News Editorial

February 7, 2016
Estherville News Staff , Estherville News

We're into the second month of 2016, and we've had time to try on the year, punch it around and stretch it out to give it a good fit. Even years seem more fun than odd, leap years have a little more spring in their step than regular years, election yearswell, we're just as happy to have the candidates leave us alone and slow down those phone calls for a while.

Most everyone attended at least 12 years of school, and some have marked their days with school years from preschool through post-graduate. Some can't seem to get out and become teachers, administrators and coaches, marking approximately 180 days in quarters, semesters, midterms, and vacations.

Next week, Estherville Lincoln Central Schools have three days off, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with two days for a President's Day break and the third for a teacher quality day (sorry, teachers; it's only two days for you). Then the next weekday off from school is Good Friday, but school is back in session Monday after Easter at the start of the fourth quarter.

From there it might seem like smooth sailing through spring to summer vacation. Or maybe not so smooth, we recall third quarter always seeming like it dragged on forever. But when you're a kid, lots of things take a long time, and they speed up precipitously as you grow.

Here in the newsroom, we're hoping for Valentine's Day letters from kids to their parents (or to their friends or not-so-secret sweethearts) to print in Thursday's paper, and looking forward to finding out what the playoffs will bring for wrestling and basketball at ELC, North Union, and Graettinger-Terril-Ruthven Ayrshire.

For extra fun, there's a chance to send a serenade to your loved one with a singing Valentine from Iowa Lakes Community College's men's quartet. The date is Fri., Feb 12. Contact vocal music director Brett Fuelberth at the college.

Friday is also the 207th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth in Hodgenville, Ky. If you want to talk about staying power in the polls, President Lincoln has consistently ranked first or second in polls of Americans ranking the best president ever since they started tracking such things. Today's candidates, many of whom say they look to Lincoln as a role model, could only hope to achieve his numbers.

This afternoon into the early evening is the second of two days of kindergarten roundup at Estherville Lincoln Central. While many children attend daycare, preschool, Head Start, or other early childhood programs before kindergarten, this is still a huge milestone for five and six year olds, and the beginning of a fantastic journey.



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