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Appreciating those you love

Estherville News Editorial

February 10, 2016
Estherville News Staff , Estherville News

According to, the Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of which were martyred. One tells a story of a priest who served during the third century in Rome. The emperor at that time outlawed marriage for young men because he thought single men made better soldiers. The priest defied the law and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. Once discovered, the priest was put to death. Another tale tells a story of an imprisoned Valentine who sent the first valentine greeting after falling in love with a young girl.

While different, what both stories do have in common is that of a sympathetic, heroic and romantic figure endangering their lives in the name of love.

February 14 marks the day of love. For some, this means whisking your significant other off for a romantic dinner. Others, it may mean sending a card or flowers to that best friend or grandmother you don't see often enough.

No matter who you choose to remember this Valentine's Day, remember that many lives through the years have been given in the name of love and that love is something to cherish. Love can be the easiest yet hardest thing to find sometimes and sometimes it is something that is earned rather than given.

We all want to find love whether it's through family, friends, a pet or significant other. What we often forget is that love is something that is constantly worked for. It is not a gift that we can just put on a shelf and expect it to stay the same five, 10 or 50 years down the road.

Take Valentine's Day to show the ones you love that you appreciate all that they do for you whether it is through a card, flowers, dinner or a simple thank you.



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