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Spring reminder to share the road

April 6, 2016
Estherville News

The spring season is a time for warmer weather, longer days and green grass. It is also time for planting for area farmers. After being cooped up during the winter months, many farmers are ready jump in that red or green tractor and hit the field. Many may have already started the spring season with applying anhydrous or nitrogen fertilizer.

Farmers beginning their work in the fields also means drivers can be expecting to share the road with farm equipment. Farmers don't purposely drive slow or take up the road to get in your way. Just as you have a job, the farmers do to. With that, it's important to remind folks to be courteous and be patient when following a tractor or other farm equipment.

Farmers have the right to drive tractors and other equipment up and down the highways and county roads. It is, however, illegal to pass farm equipment in a no-passing zone. Non-farm drivers should remember that farm equipment may be wider than it appears, making it hard to see oncoming traffic. It is important that drivers stay back and don't get in a hurry to try and get around the equipment. The goal is that everyone gets to their destination safe.

Farmers are also encouraged to be courteous to other drivers. Farmers should display slow-moving emblems on their equipment and keep an eye on traffic behind them. Many farmers do their best to move or pull over in order for following traffic to pass.

In an agricultural community, many drivers are aware of the need to share the road with farmers, and both farmers and non-farm drivers do a great job of being courteous to one and another. However, sometimes drivers forget those manners as well as the safety of those around them when they get in a hurry or are late for a meeting.

Without farmers, we would not have the food we eat or even many of the products we use on a regular bases, so this spring be sure to show respect to those area farmers by being patient and sharing the road.



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