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Time after Time

June 8, 2016
Amy H. Peterson - Staff Writer ( , Estherville News

Here is the latest entry from Failure Club:?remember??Based on the reality series by Morgan Spurlock, we were going to start our own effort to take the plunge and try that thing you always wanted to do.

Well, we didn't have any takers, but we can always try again later.

Here's what I did: in the area we lived before, I started a Time Bank.

A what?

A time bank. Look at and see what other communities have done. Diane Sawyer featured the one in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky a couple of years ago. In the mid-2000s with the economic collapse, many communities wanted to enter the people-powered economy, because in the height of the recession, money had apparently let us down. Time banking can accomplish neighborhood renewal, safety, cooperative healthcare, child care, elder care, single parent support, involving older people as active citizens and mentors, integrating people who have disabilities. environmental cleanups, learning and teaching new life skills, repairing and repurposing rather than filling our landfills, exchanging clothing and household items, and much more.

Why should you care about time banking and what can it do for you??You can exchange dog walking for oiling a squeaky door. Raking leaves for braiding hair. Cooking meals for giving music lessons, translating for professional advice. When you work for an hour to do something for an indidual or a group (like helping run the time bank or giving a class)?you earn a time credit (for a group or class, you get a credit for each person). You can then use the credit for an hour of someone's time

Then you can use that time to gain extra time for yourself by having someone else do something for you that you can't fit into your schedule or you don't know how to do. It's like neighbor helping neighbor as we've always done, but now you know the skills your neighbors have.

We are set up at (Esther's Time, Estherville, Iowa - it might take a little time for the name change) and we'll be scheduling potlucks through the summer, unless you're itching to host one, in which case you should get with me.

Individuals, groups, organizations, government agencies, churches, businesses; they all can become members and contribute time, energies, skills and resources, and receive them in return.

Let's make a time bank.



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