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Iron clad reasons for cast iron

August 24, 2016
Amy H. Peterson - Staff Writer ( , Estherville News

When we moved into our last home in Fostoria, the previous occupants had left us a cast iron skillet. It was in great condition, and we were interested in whether it would make things better.

It did.

Yesterday I ran across a list of top ten reasons to use a cast iron skillet:

10. Usable over a campfire.

9. Usable as a grill.

8. Better heat distribution.

7. Browns food beautifully.

6. It's inexpensive.

5. Cleans up easy

4. It's naturally non-stick (if you season them correctly!)

3. It can take high heat, even in the oven.

2. No toxic fumes from cooking or leaching into your food.

1. Used for thousands of years.

I've rarely bought a pot or pan in my adult life. We still have cast offs and gifts received early on. We made good use of this cast iron skillet. I'm very interested in trying other cooking pans in cast iron. I love that they can go into the oven, and as a mom, I'm very concerned about removing toxins from the things we consume (but not concerned enough to ban soda and junk food entirely, though I should.)

A few more reasons to use cast iron:?you can cook multiple items at once, it boosts your iron intake (a concern of mine as I was anemic until a 2013 surgery and I?really want to keep my hemoglobin level high enough to give double red cells during blood drives), and in a pinch, it can be used as a weapon.

Because it can go into the oven, I'm curious about making a skillet pizza in it. With fall ahead, I'm thinking grilled cheese sandwiches (with added veggies) as a dip for homemade soup.

The economy of cast iron also makes me think of my play, TFOJB?Estherville. It's been over a month since I told a potential director I would pop out to see her. We are now thinking of a Valentine's Week production. It is about love, but it's not a romance. The time of year is one that slows down for people in this area, and the Super Bowl will be over, but basketball and hockey playoffs will be weeks away.

My dreams at night are of a stage and an actor dressed up as the Chef/Narrator with a cast iron skillet, tossing vegetables and all kinds of things around while keeping the story told in the play on task.

TFOJB?is sponsored by the Emmet County Community Foundation, who so generously provided a startup grant. We may have some other local entity support pending. This is all made possible by our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. Fractured Atlas helps artists with their business needs including the ability to operate like a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. There's a list of in-kind donation needs circulating. We will need support of all kinds, including actors, at least one assistant director, people working behind the scenes, and more.

We have two parts for teenagers (female)?and some extras. Because we are operating as a nonprofit, we can offer purple cord and other volunteer service hours for those who need them. We need people to pick up in-kind donations and materials for sets, as well as painters and stage crew.

We also need audience. This project needs everyone.



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