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Mothers and Sons

September 1, 2016
Amy H. Peterson - Staff Writer ( , Estherville News

Yesterday, my baby started the eighth grade. He is as tall as I am. I will underplay my feelings about my youngest in his last year before high school because he goes to school at Estherville Lincoln Central and I don't want to subject him to endless ridicule.

That seems prepostrous to me, though, ridicule because your mother thinks you're an extraordinary human being who could one day ignite the world with the products of your intellect and soul??

That your mother believes this even though right now at home you're probably on your third hour building on Minecraft or Gary's Mods, or watching silly videos on YouTube?

He's still a kid, and of course he should be a kid while he's a kid.

September 18 the service clubs of our area are putting together an event to celebrate the fun moms and sons can have.

As a twin to last year's father-daughter dance, there is a mother-son barn dance that Sunday night from 4 to 6 p.m. at the SERT?building on the campus of Iowa Lakes Community College.

Tickets are available all around town, including here at the Estherville News office.

If there are any mothers of teenage sons who are actually doing this, please stop in or send me an email and let me know.

I'm willing to make a bribe or other deal with my son to accompany me to this shin-dig on my birthday. I could guilt him into it by saying I?only turn forty-cough once. But I really don't play the guilt trip thing.

I'd hate to succeed in getting him to agree only to get there and find out the median age of dance-goers is about seven. Staying would be too much to ask of any thirteen-year-old.

I wasn't really put on this earth to make him feel like a dork; it just turns out that way sometimes.

It's not even that I'm such a great dancer, and my boots aren't really cowgirl. We do have the hats though, as we rep a new line of leather hats called Heathen Hats.

It's not about doing this outing this time because I want to; it's more about: how do I create the ethic of sometimes doing the thing someone you love wants to do because you're a young man of generosity and love and character??

What can we do to spend quality time with our teenage sons??Pick-up basketball in the driveway is not it. Does mom become more of a purveyor of permission to go out with friends, a walking wallet, a chic chauffer, a foister of endless foodstuffs than a person to actually hang out with at this age??

I have relatives who had the chance to send their boys to an east coast boarding school that was in the tradition of that side of the family. The mothers said they would have preferred sending their sons hundreds of miles away for the fresh-mouthed years of 12-15 and have them back for ages 16-18 because that's when they really grew into the young men they were going to be.

I've often thought lately about what my role is in creating a respectful, chivalrous, hard-working, great man from this lump of energy, noise, and screen-fueled repose.

A great woman perhaps makes a great man. Many great men have recognized their mothers as they accept that big award. I hope to one day be that mom.



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