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  1. Yes, I think it should be the same as the drinking age
  2. Yes, I think vaping has become a big problem among younger kids
  3. No, it's been 18 for a long time and I think it should continue
  4. No, if a person can work, vote, join the military, be tried as an adult, they should be able to decide if they want to smoke or not
  5. I think tobacco products are too dangerous for everyone and the age limit won't matter
  6. I don't have an opinion about the age for tobacco sales
  7. I've been smoking since I was underage
  8. Other
  1. ELC Girls Basketball returns to state
  2. ELC track coach Dick Barrett retires after 50 years of coaching
  3. ELC's Evans, Condon make third trip to state toudlbes tennis
  4. GT/RA's Cacek wins state wrestling title
  5. North Union's Elliott Hagebock wins 1A high jump
  6. ELC's Taylor Myers win seconds Lakes XC title; fourth trip to state
  7. ELC Boys Golf qualifies for state
  8. ELC defeats Spirit Lake football for first time since 2005
  1. In
  2. Out
  3. Floor
  4. Cat shreds it anyway
  5. Kids unroll it all over the bathroom
  6. In a pretty little vertical holder
  1. All year long
  2. A month before Christmas
  3. A couple weeks before Christmas
  4. A week before Christmas
  5. A day or two before Christmas
  1. Basketball
  2. Football
  3. Baseball
  4. Hockey
  5. Golf
  6. Tennis
  7. Track and Field
  8. Other
  1. Yes
  2. No, but I will soon
  3. No, I don't spring clean
  1. Fort Defiance State Park
  2. Okamanpedan State Park
  3. Wolden Park
  4. Tuttle Lake
  5. Iowa Lake


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